Bob McGee's Machining Co., Inc.
2735 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley California 94702

P:(510) 486-0136

F:(510) 486-0138

Hours: 7:30-4:00, M-F

Old Fashioned Lathe

 Bob McGee's Machining Co., Inc. has been making quality parts and 1920's lathemachine repairs since 1973. Having a heart for hard work and craftsmanship of machining's golden age, Bob McGee's Machining understands what it takes to make a good part. A few relics of the past can still be found in our shop, reminding us of our roots. Whether it be a 1920's lathe, a custom built machine, or a 4 axis CNC machining center, Bob McGee's Machining has got you covered.

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Solidworks is a powerful tool for designing, manufacturing, and analyzing parts and machines.   

Bob McGee's Machining has built a strong local network of material vendors and specialty shops. We work with our vendors to offer the convenience of a one stop shop. We give an inclusive price for all services to make for a more convenient transaction.


Bob McGee's Machining Co., Inc. has a strict privacy policy. We do not share information about our customers, we do not share billing information with anyone, and all credit card transactions are done on a secure line, not through an online retailer.